I have fucked well over 500 cocks since meeting my husband. Obviously not all while married, but many while dating. Over 300 of those have been photographed and video taped. Many by my own husband, others by friends or other guys when my husband was not around.

1995: I was a shy girl with only 6 sex partners total. Then I started going to some parties in Virginia. Not swinger parties, just open parties where sexual stuff was encouraged and I saw girls going topless, couples fucking in hot tubs, etc. After weeks of going to these parties and meeting some very cool people, I decided to see what the fuss was all about. I wound up fucking a guy right on the living room floor while my boyfriend at the time was at home. (For the record, CCBill as a billing system has turned into a huge bunch of bullshit. I highly recommend you find another billing system to run your websites. It is very likely we'll be switching to another system soon.) Right in front of other guests. I realized two things: One, I loved fucking guys that I didn't know and wasn't dating. And two, I enjoyed fucking in front of others.

A few months later I had my first gangbang at a photography session. I also realized two things from this: I enjoyed being the center of attention of a lot of cocks. And that I enjoyed having my photo taken while doing so! And that was the start of things to come. Ever since I have hosted my own gangbang parties or attended others set up for me. I have also gotten married, put up this website, and continue to have photos and video taken of me fucking. Some with and others without my husband's knowledge.

Present Day: For a long while I lived off the income of this website. It was a fun amateur site and it made me enough money to travel around the US hosting gangbangs and fucking fans. Unfortunately, those days are over. As a result, I now have a real job doing graphics design type work in Arizona. I should take the website down for fear that they will find out about my other life. But I just can't help it. I'm so much of an exhibitionist that I just love having others see me and know about me. However, it means I can no longer give away hundreds of guest area photos and dozens of free videos. My content is now very exclusive. If you want to see me fucking and sucking strangers, you're going to have to join!

There are over 35,000 photos of me and other friends in my members area. Over 20 hours of video (not even counting old CAM archives!) So trust me, it's well worth the price of admission. Besides, you can't google image search this kind of content. And better yet, show me one girl on GIS that you can meet and fuck for real! See you inside!

The best part of PornOasis is that not only is it about me: Oasis. But it's also an Oasis of porn with other girls. From CJ, to Kacey, to swinger wives, hot wives, etc...there's thousands of images/video of other women that are just like me...sluts! So let me introduce you to another that just joined our little Oasis, and I'll let her introduce herself in her own words!

Until 2013 I was always the loving housewife, mother (of two) and faithful. I had never owned a sex toy, never seen a porn, never been with a stranger my entire life. My previous relationship and my marriage were dull, mostly sex-less, and so strict I wasn't even allowed to masturbate in front of my partner. In 2013 my youngest moved away to college and I told the person I'd been dating that I wanted to be able to experiment sexually. It was "me" time! Thankfully, he was very supportive and I began testing the waters.

It wasn't long before I stepped into a group room at a swing club and was immediately swarmed by guys. And I LOVED it! SatiSlut was born and I've been that persona ever since. I enjoy going to adult theaters and being swarmed, groped, fingered, fucked, etc by large groups of strangers. I enjoy hosting, attending gangbangs and going to swing clubs to be gang fucked. The photos I'll be adding here are my adventures from where it all started, to where I am now. I am still working on gangbang photos (it's tough getting guys to play on camera, and I am not the type of slut that will only play if there's a camera around.) and video, so be patient with me!

I do have some quick video clips taken inside adult theaters, glory hole rooms, etc...that I will be adding to this site as soon as possible! Please let me know if you like my photos/video and if you'd like to join me for some, let me know!

Present Day: As most of you know, I have also taken a break from the sites. I had two scares at work, one that got me fired, and another that almost got me fired from a second job! I have handed the reins to my "mini-me", Sinful Scarlet and she has taken over by storm! I hope to be back at some point. I definitely made my mark as a slut online. I fucked over 300 guys in the 3 years I was online! That's a LOT of cock!!! All of those photos/videos are still online here at PornOasis!

The next chapter of PornOasis has begun. It was never just about me (Oasis) but always about other people...but now it has been handed off to a newer generation. Scarlet is taking over as the main focus of the site and you people are going to LOVE her! She's crazier than I was at 24 (when I started) and not afraid of anything. I am tagging her the "New Queen of Exhibitionism" as she takes over making men drain cum on a daily basis! She has even already started her own bar meets and has other young sluts joining her! Enjoy!

Hi Gang! I'm Scarlet. My official website is at SinfulScarlet.com and I'm so happy to be part of the PornOasis family! I am happily taking over as the main focus, but promise to keep it all about everyone. My updates will just be the primary updates to the site for a while. But my friend SluttPie will also be handling some of the new updates! I had a great time learning the ropes from Sati and wish I'd been able to party with Oasis. I promise to carry on the same slut-tradition of meeting and fucking fans, strangers, etc. I'll do my best to earn the name "The NEW Queen of Exhibitionism!

Fall 2016: I am hosting my very first gangbang (as I write this, it will be tonight!) and will be doing all sorts of great things to build content for this already huge website! Stay tuned!